Anand Upadhya

Edtech Consultant

Anand is a multilingual IT professional who now focuses primarily on teaching and consulting. Originally from Thailand with Indian origins, he has spent the past 10 years living and working in Shanghai, China, where he started his own IT education company to help students ages 5+, from both local and international schools, learn programming and robotics with ScratchJr, Scratch, Python, Lego WeDo, Lego EV3, and web development. He also works with high school students to prepare them for the AP Computer Science A exam.

Anand is a part-time instructor for Le Wagon, one of the largest and leading global Web Development and Data Science bootcamps. He has successfully managed two professional full-stack web development bootcamps in Shanghai with students from various backgrounds and experience. He continues to teach for Le Wagon when he has time.