Kirat L.

Beyond Books

Kirat is the founder and managing director of Beyond Books, an organization that provides after-school activities to international schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Beyond Books aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world skills by offering life-skill-based courses to students. The organization believes that education goes beyond books and challenges traditional notions that academics are the only focus for students.

Beyond Books offers a variety of courses, including Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Photography, Presentation Skills, Graphic Design, and more, to equip students from Kindergarten to high school with necessary life skills. They work with International and Bilingual schools throughout Bangkok and also provide online courses to transform students into leaders of tomorrow.

Kirat comes from a marketing and communications background and was born in Bangkok but raised in Singapore. Beyond Books is the result of the marriage between Kirat’s passion for marketing and communications and her family’s dedication to education. The organization continues to grow and shape future leaders one student at a time.