Sona Madian

Sona is a professional transformational coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, as well as a certified parent coach, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral practitioner, Emotional Intelligence administrator – EQi-2.0 by MHS and leadership trainer. Since 2017, She has worked with multinational clients accumulating a wide range of experience.

Sona especially enjoys working with parents, teachers and students, building relationships of trust and empathy. As a professionally trained parent and leadership coach, she knows the value of personal development in creating a balanced life and happy, resilient and motivated children. Her coaching sessions are based on proven techniques derived from positive psychology and mindfulness based-cognitive behavioral approaches. One of her strengths is creating a rapport with individuals so that they feel safe in working on what they see as ‘shortcomings’ to accentuate their strengths. She uses fine tuned techniques to help her clients gain greater self-awareness, clarify goals, and adjust behavioral patterns, limiting beliefs, or emotions that hinder them from achieving their best. This approach often results in developing individualized action plans that her clients can use to pursue their immediate goals and as a reference for future endeavors.

Compassion, creativity and optimism are Sona’s innate qualities that stand out in her coaching style. By identifying strengths, values, using metaphors and evocative questions in her sessions her clients get empowered, gain self-awareness, and make new behavioral choices to thrive in both personal and professional lives.